• Footmoov works with any smartphone & tablet ?
    Yes, Footmoov apps are easily downloadable from Appstore and Google Play?
  • The electronic device is present only into the right shoe?
    Yes, the elcronics is present only into the right shoe.
  • How long does the Footmoov battery last?
    Battery has a 8 hourse life in direct streaming.
  • How to recharge battery ?
    Battery can be recharged by the mini-usb plug placed in the back of the right shoe.
  • Both shoe and technology are water resistant and high/low temperature resistant?
    Footmoov can be used with the usual care of a quality shoe. It’s unsuggested to wet them excessively.
  • How to clean Footmoov shoes?
    For weather shoes, please use a wooden cloth and a little shoe cream; For suede shoes, you only need a brush.
  • When i’m connected to the shoe can i use my device for other uses?
    Yes, you can keep using your phone normally. You may even answer a call, too.
  • Who should i contact for support ?
    For technical assistance about the shoe or the apps please write
    For shipping assistance and returns please write to
  • How do i know the battery is about to end?
    Footmoov app’s let you show battery charge status in real time, just like your phone.
  • Footmoov is shock-resistant ?
    Inside the shoe there are many electronic components well protected from shocks. We suggest aniway to avoid from excessive shocks (for example, playing football)
  • Can i travel into airports/airplane with Footmoov shoes?
    There’s no laws forbidding the use of the shoes into airports and airplanes, but since it’s an innovative electronic device we sugget not to wear during flight travels in order to avoid useless safety controls. Alternatively you may advice the security airport staff about wearing the special technological Footmoov shoes.